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Gibats & Notestines at Catoctin

Remember a month ago when President Bush had a big conference at Camp David on the Mideast situation? It was 4 days long, and was topped off with him secretly flying to Iraq. Then last week there was an economic conference at Camp David.

During these conferences, all the news outlets had live coverage “From Camp David”. You might recognize the photo below as the spot where most of these broadcasts were shot. Note the bare spots in the turf from the news anchors stubbing their toes while trying to think of a better answer.

Also notice the Ranger’s cabin in the background just to the Right of the three main trees. This was shown close up in some broadcasts as if it were the president’s cabin in Camp David.

Here is the same spot from further away.

Camp Round Meadow in Catoctin Mountain (National) Park.

This is the location of the next Gibat/Notestine reunion.

Originally a WPA project during the Great Depression, a series of recreational camps for federal workers was built in the foothills. Round Meadow was the camp that the WPA used as its base of operation. Many of the buildings there are the originals, including the old blacksmiths shop pictured below.

For the reunion, we are renting the entire campground. This includes several dormitories, a full gymnasium, a full commercial kitchen and dining hall. The campground itself appears to be ten to fifteen acres.

Below are views of a couple of the dorm buildings. As you can tell from these photos, the entire area is heavily forested.

And a front view of the kitchen/dining room.


Catoctin Mountain Park is unique in the National Park Service. While remote and secluded, it is less than 20 miles from Gettysburg and an hours drive from the Washington DC beltway.

Included within the park are several other residential camps, many miles of hiking trails, rock climbing, historic remains of an old mill, and an illegal still (well, it WAS illegal when it was made. Now the Federal Government owns it and everything they do or own is ipso facto Legal!)

In addition, the Holly and Norman (Ed) Gibat home is inside the park about 1.5 miles from the camp.

There is plenty of room to bring your entire family, in-laws, friends, or anyone else you desire. Several people have invited friends and co-workers already. The camp sleeps 120 and there is additional room at Norman & Holly’s. In addition, we will have the camp long enough to plan for field trips to Gettysburg or Antietam battlefields or even the Smithsonian if anyone is interested. Persons arriving early or staying late are welcome to stay at Norman & Holly’s place.

Let us know who can attend from your family and any special living or dietary restrictions they may have. The fees for the camp to the National Park Service are very reasonable. Most of the food will be coming from local farmers. The total costs will be low. The more people who can attend, the lower the cost per each will be. So bring everyone in your branch of the family.

However, even at this cheap price there will undoubtedly be at least a few where the timing is bad for their finances. Not to be discouraged. Just get here. Remember this site is owned by the Federal Government and we all know the government cannot say NO. You’ll get in. Without a fuss. We guarantee it. But bring a good attitude. Whether you have a good time or not is up to you.


Remembrance- The day when the most people are at the camp we plan to have an informal memorial for Albert Gibat who just passed away. Bring any photos you might have, and be ready to tell stories, Albert would have wanted that.

Remember THANKSGIVING WEEK in 2006!!

Inclusive dates the camp is RESERVED for YOU:

November 20 to November 26, 2006

Send reservations to:


c/o Noguska LLC
741 N. Countyline St.
Fostoria OH 44830
Or Phone 419-435-0404 or FAX 419-435-1844 or Email (for ED GIBAT)

Be sure to include expected ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE dates and any living or dietary restrictions for anyone attending.

OK, after all this hooplah about how great and wonderful an opportunity this is, it’s time to include the fine print

The cabins are more than adequate and heated. Bring along a good warm sleeping bag , and/or warm blankets and especially warm clothing. The blessing is that we’ll have the place to ourselves and there should be no mosquitoes and insects at this altitude (1,500’) and time of year. SOME bedding will be available for those flying in. Let us know of your needs.

If you are planning on flying, we will try to coordinate with others so that transportation can be arranged or shared.





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